Zhao Jiadi

nan 很差

分类:大陆剧 大陆 2022



This is the story of ZhaoJiadi, an heir to the business goliath “Jinhai Industry”, who traveled south to Hai City to start his college life. Findinghis father’s unscrupulous methods unacceptable, ZhaoJiadi had always had a strained relationship with his father and refused toaccept financial help from him. In Hai City, he was an anomaly among the “second-generation rich.” After manyhardships, he gradually matured into a man. At the same time, the disputesbetween wealthy families began to heat up and Zhao Jiadi found himself caughtin the fray. Young Zhao Jiadi firmly believed “one must be determined to besuccessful”, and in the end, he decided to forgive his father. In this arena,Zhao Jiadi stepped in to bring salvation, all for the normal family he had oncedesired.



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